The most sensible horses are the best teachers. Sometimes you think there is no solution to a problem. That is when then you need to find a new method, a different way, in order to change your perspective.

I like working with young and sensitive horses for a new and better understanding. Horses need balance, and the body and the mind are combined. If my horse is scared of losing its balance, and the rider on top isn’t balanced either, nor is he relaxed, the the horse will tense up, and flexibility will become impossible. Yet dressage is all about graceful movements, which require the horse to be subtle, at ease with its environment and one with its rider. Yet most of the times we get into a dangerous circle where neither rider nor horse relax and rather drift apart, then turn into one. 

Smaller steps and a focused training on building muscles (in order to be able to carry the rider with the least effort possible), relaxing the mind, brain jogging, will bit by bit  build up the body and at the same time the mind. Less is often more, if you are looking for a new beginning and a better understanding, I am the one to guide you!

With the EQUIKINETIC ® and DUAL ACTIVATION® TRAINING from Michael Geitner as well as groundwork I can help and accompany you towards a harmonic well balanced relationship and a new understanding – a NEW BEGINNING. This is essential for a long and healthy partnership.

Looking forward to meet you










First I like to meet you and your horse and we figure out what ist the best way and method to work with you depending on your wishes, the enviroment and knowledge. We can make a combination of all my methods.

when to contact me…

  • If you are looking for something new
  • If you have a young horse that is highly sensitive
  • If you are at the end of a road – facing an issue to be solved.

my targets…

  • For a better understanding
  • For a deeper trust and connection
  • For a new way to work and approach your horse

„You will never meet a horse randomly.
Either there is a purpose for your development, a new beginning, or it will be love.
A lot of times, there is a horse which combines all 3 aspects – this is called a true gift!“

horses make the world a better place…